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As Eskişehir General Surgery, we are constantly improving ourselves to provide you with quality service with our expert staff.

After Service Tracking

After the service we have given to our valued patients, we regularly monitor your health and inform you.

Quality service

We choose the right intervention for your health and offer you the best service.

Online Inspection

We continue to provide you with quality service all over the world with Online Inspection.

What We Give You

A Surgeon You Can Trust

As Eskişehir General Surgery, we always offer you a quality and reliable service with our expert staff.

High technology

Your health is in safe hands with the high-tech devices we have in our company.

After Service Tracking

After the service we have provided, we provide regular inspection services.

Online appointment

With the Online Appointment System, you can make an appointment with us for free and be examined..

Online Inspection

We provide online service to our customers who cannot come to our clinic with Online Examination.

Sterile Plant

We carry out our operations safely in our sterile and hygienic facility.

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You can contact us..


Expert Our Staff

PROF. DR. Serdar Mustafa ERKASAP






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Patient References

NUMBER 10 5 STARS I'm not going to discuss his professorship..for the treatment he did..I say..May Allah take this from my life and give these hands and feet to my esteemed teacher who is beyond being a kissable man. In addition, he raised the students he trained with the same culture, showing patience towards the patient, and raising his students in this way. You know, the brooks are inexplicable.

Vel*** A***

Good luck, you've made me feel good. May God give you your health, I hope you always heal the sick. I loved you so much.

Fat*** O***

After visiting 3 doctors, I met your dear doctor, it was said that for my mother, who is my everything, we can't do a very risky surgery. . She did her surgery, she did her checkups. It will be 5 months. Since my mother had surgery, I say every day...

Ley*** B***

The doctor is very comforting with his smiling, caring and understanding nature, he is definitely one of the rare doctors whose knowledge we can trust. Thank you for everything, my teacher Serdar.

Lord*** G***

Riverside, California

about us

Our Mission;

It aims to protect public health, to provide the individual with the highest level of specialized, quality diagnosis and treatment services, by bringing together the information and technology required by the age, as well as to provide the necessary infrastructure support for education, training and research at high quality and universal standards.

Our vision;

To be a leading health institution where the most advanced information and technology is presented in an adequate and satisfactory level, in an enjoyable environment, which sets an exemplary model with its management, is internationally recognized and preferred, and where patient and employee satisfaction reaches perfection.

Our Values;

To be attentive, hardworking, smiling and respectful.


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